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My family are my favourite people. I know I can count on them and they know I’m there for them. We stay in touch and I let them into my life…

Here's what you get

Early and Exclusive Access

Listen to my songs before anyone else and receive complementary content such as song drafts, behind-the-scenes videos or the story behind the lyrics.

Special Offers and Discounts

From time to time, you will hear about new items on my store or sales I am running. You also get a discount for your birthday!

Key Updates, Drama, Inspiration...

As part of my recurring emails, you will hear about what is going on in my life, my fears, my trips, new projects… and my “song of the week” recommendation!

A Direct Line with My Personal Inbox

Any reply to my emails will get to me, and I will do my best to get back to you.

A little bit about me

My grandma convinced me to try piano as a child, as part of her scheme to grow a musical family. I learned to love music from her, uncles, cousins and friends, and now I could not live without it.

What you hear, comes straight from me. I write, produce, mix, master and release what I create, mostly on my own.

Since 2020, I have been learning to live with an anxiety syndrome. Psychology, mindfulness and philosophy have been my best allies. I also love photography and nature.

Here's what you get

How will I get access to things?

I will always send you links to websites, so you will not have to download files. In most cases, they will redirect to either a hidden YouTube video, a secure player from my music distributor (TheOrchard) or my own website.

How much will this cost me?

Joining my family is completely free, and everything I described will be available to you at no cost. However, you will have opportunities to support me so that I can continue making music, such as getting merchandising, purchasing tickets or streaming my music.

What are you gaining from this?

Platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or Spotify are gatekeepers to users. This means I cannot get in touch with all my followers whenever I want. Only a handful of you see my content. On Instagram, this is as low as 10%. On Spotify, a new release only reaches 5% of my followers during the first 28 days. By having your email address, I can speak to you directly.

If I give you my email address, will you spam me?

I understand your worry. My goal with this is to give you value without bothering you. Right after you sign up, as an exception, you will receive a chain of 3 emails with different gifts. After that, you will hear from me every 2 to 3 weeks. If you feel like it is getting annoying at any point, you can unsubscribe.

Join my family

My family are my favourite people. I know I can count on them and they know I’m there for them. We stay in touch and I let them into my life…

"Jay Blanes is a singer-songwriter and producer destined for greater things."
Chloe Mogg
"Looking to continue his upward trend as he returns with his vibrant new single."
"Jay pushed his musical boundaries further and found his own distinct unique sound."
"Jay Blanes opens up about the struggles and sacrifices he's made for his music."