First Gift

To the Moonlight Download

As promised, here is my first present for you!! Before you download the song, did you watch the music video when I released it??? Here it goes!

Now, because I’m so happy you decided to join the family, I thought I’d go all the way in and share my most exclusive material. These are two voicenotes from when I wrote the song. My singing isn’t great, the lyrics have changed and the melody might be different. This is me at the rawest, but it’s how it always starts.

Anyway, here are two download links. Most music is played on an MP3 standard. A good quality MP3 file weighs about 3-4MB. On the other hand. a high quality WAV file (24bit 48kHz) weighs about 60-80MB, but it has way more information (and definition).

I’m very happy you’re here, don’t get me wrong, but most people don’t listen to MP3 or WAV files. Here are the three main streaming services (you’ll find me on plenty of other ones too). If you don’t follow me there already, please do!!! It helps show the algorithm I’m good enough to be suggested and you’ll see my content more often and easily.