When Do You Want To Retire?

Yes, you can. Anything is possible. Dream. Two years ago, I would’ve been skeptical about these phrases. I used to think there are things we can do and things we won’t ever be good at so we better change focus and try other things or simply do what we’re good at. I’m not like that anymore.

Passion is the strongest fuel that exists on Earth, and it’s the first component that I think is needed to pursue an objective. In our case, when you’re following a dream that comes with the pack, so you don’t have to look for it. If you don’t feel passionate about what you’re doing… start reflecting. Sometimes, my classmates have been asked at what age they want to retire… their response? “the sooner the better” or “at my forties/thirties”. What the hell? So, you’re saying you will spend decades working in something you already know you will dislike? Cause let me tell you something: I don’t think I’ll ever want to retire.

The second element is effort. And this is where people start to fail. Cause everybody has passion, but not everybody’s willing to work 25 hours a day so that they achieve what they want to. This is the clue.

Let’s set an example. Imagine you’re 20 and you’re at uni. There’s an acting club you try, and you discover your purpose: moving people through your performance as an actress. You can either think “It’s too late for me, I should’ve started learning and practicing many years ago, and I will never make it.” OR say to yourself “It’s never too late. If I don’t make it in my twenties, I will make it in my thirties or even fifties. But during this time, I will be joyful, happier than anybody else, and I will enjoy the moment. Cause even when I practice, when I don’t get things right, I love keeping on working to improve.”

If you choose the first option, let me predict your future: you’ll regret not having tried it for the rest of your life. Every time you see a film or a play, you’ll wish you were in the actress’ place, but you won’t, and you’ll feel somehow empty. It’s possible that you’ll never find anything else that compares to the feelings you had when you acted. All in all, you’ll have a mediocre life. And you could think… well, why not as a hobby? My answer is… so why not doing it full time and getting paid and recognized for it? I would hate to be your boss knowing you count the hours to leave the office and get into that small rehearsing room in which you practice for that 1 night only play you do every year.

If you choose the second mindset, you’ll have to work hard. Even harder than the ones who did it at the pace that the system sets. But you will achieve it. Cause, to me, failure is nothing but desertion. You can only fail if you stop fighting. Let me tell you something… you’re only free when you follow your dreams.

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